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California Man Found After GPS Led Him Astray

On March 9, 2020 at approximately 8:10 AM, Tillamook County Communications District 911 received a transfer call from YCOM from BRIAN WERST, 26, of San Jose California, who was staying at the Hollywood OHV Campground. He had decided to go exploring in his 2008 white Toyota Highlander on, Sunday March 8, 2020, when “Google Maps” sent him over Grindstone Rd to get back to the Trask.

The road became precarious and he slid off the road in the mud on Grindstone Rd yesterday. Today he walked out a little way until he was finally able to get cell service and called for help. He was located via GPS coordinates. Search and Rescue units reached him this morning at approximately 10:30 AM and arranged a tow to help extricate his vehicle. He was not injured. Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by Tillamook 911, YCOM, and Menefee Towing.

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