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Cigarette Determined Cause Of Lincoln City Apartment Fire

Last Friday August 16th Depoe Bay Fire and North Lincoln Fire crews responded to a deck fire on 2nd floor wooden deck of an 8 unit apartment building. It was primarily an exterior fire with minor extension into attic area. The cause of this fire at the Lincoln Woods Apartments was improperly discarded smoking materials.

A guest of the resident placed his lit cigarette butt into a plastic container on the deck of the apartment. The container had a significant quantity of previously discarded cigarette butts which ignited after the guest and the residents had left the apartment that afternoon.

There were no reports of injuries to civilians or firefighters however early loss values are estimated to be $25,000 to the contents of the fire unit and its immediate neighbor unit; structural damage at $25,000 also. The fire was reported by a man at a building next door to the fire location.

The fire was held in check by the manager and maintenance staff using first aid fire extinguishers and a nearby garden hose. Without those efforts, the fire could easily entered the attic area causing significant damage. The actual fire damage was primarily to the exterior of the building.

The first engine company on scene was a Depoe Bay FD unit because NLFR was in Gleneden Beach area. The units were reversed in their locations due to cooperative efforts between the two fire districts associated with both agencies acquiring new Self Contained Breathing Apparatus.

Even with the exchange of locations, fire operations were as smooth as if all units had been in their normally assigned locations. LCPD units assisted the operation by evacuating occupants in units adjacent to the fire unit, and later, providing area security to allow firefighters a safe and clear work area for the fire combat operations.

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