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Newport Seeks Volunteers To Service On The Mombetsu Sister City Committee

The City of Newport is seeking citizens interested in serving on the city’s ad hoc

Mombetsu Sister City Committee. The City of Newport and Mombetsu, Hokkaido,

Japan, have been Sister Cities for more than 50 years. In late July or early August of

2019, the City of Mombetsu will be sending a youth delegation to visit Newport. The City

of Newport is looking for people interested in helping plan the youth visit, and people

interested in serving as host families.

Mombetsu, like Newport, is a fishing community located on the Sea of Okhotsk.

Most of Mombetsu’s economy is focused on fishing for cold water species such as crab.

The first meeting of the ad hoc committee will occur in late February. If you are

interested in offering your planning skills, or are willing to host one of the youth

delegates, apply using the city’s committee application which is found on the city

website at www.newportoregon.gov; click on “City;” then on “Committees;” and then on

“Application for Committee/Commission.” The completed form can be submitted

electronically. Copies of the committee application form can be obtained by contacting

the City Manager’s Office at 169 SW Coast Highway, Newport, Oregon 97365, or by

calling 541.574.0613. The application deadline is February 23, 2019.

Questions should be directed to Peggy Hawker, at 541.574.0613 or


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