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Courthouse Renovations And Repairs

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Several major renovations and repairs will take place in and outside of the Lincoln County Courthouse between July 31 and Aug. 11 that will impact employees and customers. The southern exterior will be painted with a protective coating to prevent water intrusion. The handicapped parking will be displaced and relocated to parking spaces between the Jail and Courthouse. Temporary signage identifying the temporary relocated handicap designated parking will be deployed. Also, the exterior construction area will be cordoned off from pedestrian traffic, and simultaneously, interior repairs will be initiated on the 3rd floor.

Throughout this period from time to time, there will be construction noise. Construction material and subsequent debris will be transported in and out of the north elevator in an effort to avoid employees and customers. Also, there will be some smells of paints and sealants, all of which have little to no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) impacting county employees and visitors. County staff and vendors performing this work will do their best to avoid impacts to visitors, customers and employees.

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