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Dangerous Offenders and Consumer Protection

A message from Lincoln County DA Jonathan Cable

The justice system is adapting quickly to the changes we are all facing.  This is an unprecedented challenge for all of us. You may have read that the courts are limiting operations while the Lincoln County jail has taken steps to reduce the jail population. It does not affect the way the district attorney's office, Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement partners, or the courts at individuals charged with serious crimes. There will not be dangerous individuals, who pose a serious risk to the community, simply let loose or without any supervision.

It is my intention to use our resources wisely and with increased efficiency in order to protect the public. The district attorney's office will ask the courts to keep dangerous offenders in custody. For those who do not pose a threat to the public, but are repeat offenders, we will ask that those individuals are closely monitored with weekly check-ins and possibly GPS monitoring through the Sheriff’s Office.

The Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) has a task force dedicated to protecting consumers from price gouging.  Oregon law authorizes district attorneys to take action to restrain a person from engaging in the unlawful trade practice of price gouging on consumer goods essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While we have seen few instances in our county, it will not be tolerated.

Under ORS 401.965, Abnormal disruption of market, price gouging means charging 15 percent more for essential goods or services than they previously cost before the disruption. The Governor will determine if an abnormal disruption of the market has occurred. I encourage anyone who experiences excessive pricing of goods to immediately call the DOJ’s Consumer Protection hotline at 1-877-877-9392.  We will work with the DOJ and Governor Brown as needed. We have countless, locally owned businesses that are dedicated to the community and are doing the right thing.

Finally, when you can, please look out for one another. Unlike larger communities where your neighbors are not known, we know our neighbors. Do what you can to check on them safely. We will get through this and adjust to the changes. As your district attorney, I will do my part to make sure the criminal justice system continues to protect the community.

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