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Deputy Zach Akin and K9 Bonni provides demonstration for School

On January 22, 2020 Canine Handler Deputy Zach Akin and his K9 partner Bonni provided the staff and students of the Lincoln City Seventh Day Adventist School a demonstration of canine use in law enforcement. The demonstation included canine obeidnce and deputy protection and suspect apprehension. The apprehension presentation included Animal Service Deputy Dave Martin donning a bite sleeve and acting as an aggressor in which K9 Bonni bit the protective sleeve. 

Deputy Akin concluded the presentation with a meet and greet where students and staff got to meett and pet K9 Bonni. 

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office is grateful for the opportunity to educate the citizens in Lincoln County on canine use in law enforcment. If you or anyone you know would like to have this opportunity please call or email Sergeant Karl Vertner 541-265-0681, kvertner@co.lincoln.or.us

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