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Governor Allocates Funding For Lincoln County Homeless Programs

Governor Tina Kotek announced funding allocations to counties within Oregon's Balance of State Continuum of Care as part of her homelessness state of emergency, as well as the specific outcomes attached to these emergency dollars. The funding comes from House Bill 5019, approved by the Legislature and signed by Governor Kotek in response to her homelessness state of emergency. The bill, among other allocations, included $26.1 million to rehouse people experiencing homelessness and expand shelter capacity in the 26 rural counties that make up the Balance of State Continuum of Care.

This funding aims to reduce the number of people experiencing unsheltered homelessness by adding at least 100 new shelter beds and rehousing at least 450 households by June 30, 2025. Funding amounts are based on many factors, including the appropriation made available by the Legislature, detailed plans that local communities submitted, and a distribution formula developed by the Oregon Housing and Community Services Department. Lincoln County is slated to receive $856,178 to add at least 70 shelter beds and rehouse at least 16 households.

Communities established 16 Local Planning Groups with designated leads to coordinate and create a plan to achieve the outcomes. Local Planning Groups are made up of experts from local governments, non-profits, and people with lived experience of homelessness. These groups will be responsible for the implementation of funds to help move individuals and families into housing stability. Local Planning Groups submitted 29 shelter projects for consideration, with a total request of over $37 million.

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