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Homeowner Attempts To Put Out Garage Fire

On May 8, 2022, at approximately 9:44 PM, Tillamook County Sheriff Office Deputies Mike Reeves and Jordan Reyes, and Manzanita Police Officer Sean Mumey, responded to a residence in North Tillamook County for an incomplete 911 call. “We responded to an incomplete 911 call on Shiffman Rd.

Officer Reeves attempted the phone number but it went directly to voicemail, said Deputy Reeves. “While driving on Shiffman Rd to the address I saw an SUV driving toward me. The driver was the home owner and the caller. She said that her partner was on the roof of their house trying to put out a building that was on fire. She said she was unable to call 911”

When officers arrived at the address, they could see smoke that was bright orange due to

intense flames. “I notified dispatch that the garage was fully engulfed. I ran to the back of the house and noticed a male on the house roof spraying the garage roof with a garden hose,” said Deputy Reeves.

The man refused to climb off of the roof until fire crews arrived, and continued spraying water in an effort to keep the house from catching fire. Deputy Reyes turned off the valve on a propane tank that was close to the involved structure fire. He also sprayed water from another garden hose onto the propane tank.

“Garibaldi and Nehalem Bay Fire crews arrived and put the fire out. I asked the home owner and her partner what may have caused the fire and they were unsure. Luckily, no one was injured,” said Deputy Reeves. Fire crews were able to extinguish the fire, and although the garage was a total loss, the house received minimal fire damage.

Photos by Deputy Reeves and Video by Officer Mumey.

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