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Inmate Charged With Assault After Fight At The Jail

On May 31st, 2020, while monitoring activity in E pod, Deputy Read heard yelling and observed an adult in custody, Brian One Feather, age 38 of Siletz, OR strike another adult in custody. Deputy Read called for assistance and observed One Feather attempt to strike the adult in custody again. All adults in custody were ordered to separate and One Feather was removed from the housing unit. Medical staff on duty were notified of the incident.

The incident was investigated by Deputy Cloud who charged One Feather with Assault IV and Harassment. One Feather was lodged in the Lincoln County Jail on a Probation Violation on May 13th, 2020 and is currently being held on both cases. The Lincoln County Jail has several staff members who investigate crimes within the jail such as assaults. Incidents in the jail do not always rise to the level of criminal charges. The jail has internal procedures for holding adults in custody accountable in those cases, such as loss of privileges.

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