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Pacific Power Raises Rates

The Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC) recently finalized the last of several rate-related filings submitted by PacifiCorp (dba Pacific Power) leading to an overall increase in customer rates to be in full effect as of January 10, 2024. The increase stems from an annual adjustment for power costs, which are markedly higher due to market volatility, as well as various additional Pacific Power rate filings, some that increased and others that decreased customer rates. Overall, customer rates will increase with the exact bill impact differing based on customer type and energy usage. View the impact for each customer type below:

12.9% average increase in revenues from residential customers. For a single-family residence using the average 900 kWh a month, monthly bills will increase by $14.92.

12.1% average increase in revenues from small commercial/business customers

16.7% average increase in revenues from large commercial/industrial customers

Drivers for the increase include an annual adjustment for power supply costs, which is a pass-through cost of Pacific Power purchasing power to meet customer demand. Power costs have risen sharply and increased in volatility in the Western electricity market. There was also an increase due to costs for wildfire risk mitigation actions taken by the company, among other small adjustments.

“The rate increase reflects the reality of high market power prices for utilities and the important actions Pacific Power is taking to reduce wildfire risks on its system,” said Megan Decker, PUC Chair. “At the same time, we recognize how difficult it is for families and businesses to adjust to higher bills, and we encourage them to seek out help through energy efficiency programs that reduce usage and rate discount programs to address communities facing high energy burdens.”

To save on future bills, review Energy Trust of Oregon’s current incentives and opportunities, including low and moderate income offers, and learn more about low-cost and no-cost tips to reduce energy consumption. Pacific Power has the Oregon Low-Income Discount Program providing on-bill rate discounts to support customers who are experiencing income restraints. Pacific Power’s most vulnerable customers can also access a variety of bill support programs through local community action agencies, including the Oregon Energy Fund, Oregon Energy Assistance Program, COVID Energy Assistance Program and Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

Additionally, Pacific Power offers a variety of ways to budget for energy expenses, including time of use and equal pay billing options. In partnership with Energy Trust of Oregon, Pacific Power customers can also tap into information and rebates to help improve energy efficiency and lower utility bills by calling 888-221-7070. Pacific Power serves approximately 618,000 customers in Oregon.

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