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Safety Tips During Hunting Season - LCSO Tip Of The Week


As we get into hunting season it’s important to remember that every hunter has the responsibility to enter the field well-prepared to hunt in a safe, responsible manner. This includes being properly equipped to find your way out, taking measures to ensure the safety of self and others, and being a good steward of nature. Here are some tips we offer for those who venture out for a hunt, or to enjoy the outdoors:


-Check weather reports before visiting the forest.  Dress properly.

-Tell someone where you will be hunting and when you will return.  Leave a written plan at home and in your vehicle.

-Be familiar with the area you want to hunt.

-Consider using electronic technology such as a handheld GPS or an app on your cellular phone that uses the GPS built into your phone. Such phone applications like, on Xmaps. Personal locating beacons (PLBs) or Satellite Messengers are another electronic that will assist searchers in finding you if you are lost or injured.

-Avoid wearing white or tan during hunting seasons.  Wearing hunter orange, viewable from all directions is recommended.

-If accompanied by a dog, the dog should also wear hunter orange or a very visible color on a vest, leash, coat or bandana.

-Check hunting equipment before and after each outing, and maintain it properly.  Familiarize yourself with its operation before using it in the field.

-Carry a spare set of dry clothing.  Use layering techniques to prevent moisture while retaining body warmth. Always bring rain gear.

-Carry a first aid kit and know how to use its contents.

-Clearly identify your target before shooting.  Prevent unfortunate accidents or fatalities.

-Be alert when hunting near developed areas and trails.  Other recreationists are in the forest as well.

-Check out the variety of hunter safety courses available to the public from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife : https://www.dfw.state.or.us/education/hunter/

Outdoor Enthusiasts:

-Wear bright clothing.  Make yourself more visible. Choose colors that stand out, like red, orange or green, and avoid white, blacks, browns, earth-toned greens and animal-colored clothing.  Orange vests and hats are advisable.

-Don’t forget to protect Fido.  Get an orange vest for your dog if he/she accompanies you.

-Be courteous.  Once a hunter is aware of your presence, don’t make unnecessary noise to disturb wildlife. Avoid confrontations.Make yourself known.  If you do hear shooting, raise your voice and let hunters know that you are in the vicinity.

-Know when hunting seasons are occurring.  Continue to hike, but learn about where and when hunting is taking place. (Consider hiking midday when wild game and hunting activity is at its lowest.)

-Know your own comfort level.  If hunting makes you uneasy, choose a hiking location where hunting is not allowed, such as a national or state park.

For more information and tips, visit our website at www.lincolncountysheriff.net and “Like” us on Facebook at Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office – Oregon.

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