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Scam Alert

Over the previous week, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office has received multiple calls and emails from community members about a scam making its way through Lincoln County. The call usually starts with the scammer identifying themselves as a member of this or another local police agency. They generally pick a rank that sounds authoritative, such as “Captain” or “Lieutenant”. The scammer combines the rank with the name of an actual law enforcement officer from a previous media release or social media post so it might be recognized.

After establishing their fictitious identity, the scammer will tell the target of the scam that they have a warrant for their arrest for something that appears to be an oversight: missing a subpoena, jury duty, or non-payment of fines. The scammer then tells the target of the scam that they will be arrested if they don’t pay money to them via wire transfer, online payment service, or pre-paid cards.

Scammers are creative and resourceful; they will try to convince you they are with a legitimate agency. They will sometimes create a fake, professional-looking profile or a website that looks very similar to the organization’s actual page. Scammers may try to use your emotions against you, such as pretending to be a family member in jail or threaten legal consequences if you do not pay immediately. When in doubt, hang up without providing personal or payment information and contact the organization to verify the request is really coming from their office.

How do I know if information is really from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office or not?

-It comes directly from the official Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Facebook account, NOT a third party or a comment from another Facebook user.

-It comes from one of our other accounts: Lincoln County Animal Shelter or Lincoln County Oregon Emergency Management

-It is on our official website: www.co.lincoln.or.us/sheriff (bookmark this website for reference later)

-Our staff can verify the information is true. Give us a call at 541-265-4277 if you have questions about a service or need to connect with someone in our Office. Save this number for reference later.

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