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School Exclusion Day February 20th

Measles virus

Tomorrow (2/20/19) is school exclusion day. Any child that is not current on their vaccinations will not be able to attend pre-school or any Lincoln county school. Over 200 letters were sent out to parents to remind them that their child's vaccinations need to be current in order for their child to continue to be able to attend school. With the current measles outbreak investigations throughout the state many have had questions about what can be done to keep children safe, and what their child’s school/child care will do if a case of measles is confirmed at their site. Measles is highly contagious If a case is confirmed in a school or child care center, public health will review all staff and student vaccination records to determine the risk of further spread. Keeping children in school/child care is a priority, but measles is a serious disease.

If an un-vaccinated person is exposed to measles, they will not be allowed to go to school or child care during the time period when they could become sick, usually for 21 days after exposure. This may be extended if there are more measles cases. Now is a great time for all families, teachers and school administrators to review their vaccine records and get their vaccines up to date. Someone who is un-vaccinated can be contagious with the measles for up to four days before showing symptoms and up to four days after. Also the measles virus is airborne so it can stay in the air up to two hours after an exposed person has left the area. Vaccinations are available from primary care providers, School based health clinics, some pharmacies, the Lincoln County public health department and community health centers. For more information call the health department at 541-265-4947.

Information from LCSD

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