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September Is National Preparedness Month

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and Lincoln County Public Health are pleased to promote and locally support the 2021 National Preparedness Month (NPM) campaign.

National Preparedness Month is recognized each September to promote family and community disaster planning now and throughout the year. This year’s NPM theme is “Prepare to Protect. Preparing for disasters is protecting everyone you love.” A fitting theme during the COVID-19 pandemic, local droughts, and while reflecting on the 2020 wildfires.

Local governments and partners work continuously to prepare for emergencies on a community level.

This preparation does not replace the need of preparing yourself and family. Emergency preparedness on an individual level is an important step to ensure disaster resiliency. Talk to your friends and family about how you will communicate before, during, and after a disaster. Consider updating your personal and family plans based on the Centers for Disease Control recommendations for coronavirus and refresh your emergency food, water, and medications. This is a good time to make sure your plans and supplies meet your needs if you or someone in your house has a disability. Taking time now to ensure they will have backup mobility supplies or can properly store and access life-saving medications can make all of the difference later.

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