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Toledo Fire and Rescue Save “Twister” From A Sticky Situation

Yesterday at 11:55 AM Toledo fire and Rescue were dispatched to an animal rescue call on Skyline Drive which involved a horse stuck in the mud. Four Toledo Firefighters with the assistance of several civilians were able to remove the horse "Twister" from the mud using a specialized harness. Twister was exhausted and needed to rest to regain his strength before walking the rest of the way out of the forest.

An another call was received at 7:39 PM for additional assistance to help to get Twister the rest of the way out of the forest. This time seven firefighters responded and worked with approximately 24 civilians in a team effort to get Twister the remaining distance out of the Forest using specialized techniques and a lot of people power. This is a good example of excellent teamwork by the volunteers and citizens of this great community.

Information and photos provided by: Toledo Fire and Rescues Facebook page.

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