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Wind and Rain Headed Our Way

A cold front moves inland on today 9/23 increasing winds and bringing significant rainfall to all areas. Strongest south-southwest winds likely between 9 am and 6 pm Wednesday, with gusts 35 to 45 mph - strongest across beaches, coastal headlands, and higher terrain. Showers and perhaps an isolated thunderstorm on Thursday. Total rainfall Wednesday/Wednesday night: 1 to 2 inches for the coastal areas, but 2 to 4 inches for the Willapa Hills and Coast Range. High threat of sneaker waves on Pacific Ocean beaches.

Fire and wind damaged areas may see additional damage during this storm.  If you have damaged or burned trees on your property, contact your insurance agency and a professional tree-faller or arborist. If you see a smoking stump, it is not an emergency.  You can use a hose to extinguish smoldering vegetation or stumps.  Do not call 911 for smoldering vegetation.  It can take several weeks for the rain to fully extinguish the smoldering vegetation.  However, if you see flames due to wind or an actual fire, call 911.

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