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Juno Project Receives Final Operating Permits

The new facility in Toledo housing the first commercial installation of our Juno® Technology is complete and we’ve received the final operating permits. Equipment start-up and small-scale testing are beginning followed by a gradual ramp-up period. Also, 10 new full-time jobs have been created at the Juno facility, which is expected to be at full production by year-end.

We also are pleased to share that we have partnered with Dahl Disposal to help with material handling and delivery. At the company’s transfer station in Toledo, Dahl installed new baling and wrapping equipment that will prepare material for processing at Juno. Dahl has also hired three full-time employees to support Juno.

The Georgia-Pacific team working to develop and bring this technology to market over the past 10 years is ready to prove it at commercial scale after operating a pilot unit in the Southeast for several years. This new recycling process helps us capture paper fiber that today can’t be effectively recycled and has the potential to divert from landfills and incinerators up to 90 percent of the material processed by Juno. In addition, it operates with minimal carbon emissions. The system is designed for commercial waste that typically can’t be recycled because of food contamination and plastic coatings. Material is being sourced from across the region. Georgia-Pacific will capture the paper fiber to make containerboard and other recovered items can be returned to their respective recycling streams.

“Juno positions Toledo and Lincoln County at the forefront of sustainability innovation,” said Dr. Franz Cosenza, who is the manager of the Juno facility. Franz holds a Ph.D. in engineering and is a longtime resident of Newport. “We are grateful to the community for supporting this transformative initiative.” We look forward to sharing additional information with you as the Juno facility ramps up. In the meantime, learn more at www.juno.gppackaging.com

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