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Newport Water Treatment Plant Update: Water Restrictions Still In Effect

Good News – The City of Newport is continuing to meet its current water demand; and the fish processing plants have been authorized to operate at full production. Today, the two mobile production units were set up. City staff is working on getting the two mobile units to work with the existing plant. There are chemical feed questions that need to be answered, but it seems likely these two plants will be working with the city’s plant some time tomorrow – July 8, 2020. There is no news on the forensic evaluation of the filter that was sent to Pall Corporation. As soon as there is something definitive, it will be shared with all of you. At the next City Council meeting – July 20, 2020 – Public Works Director, Tim Gross, will provide a report on the costs of addressing the filter plugging problem at the Plant. This will include expenses incurred from June 26, 2020 forward. At this time, water restrictions are still in effect. Staff will send updates as news is available.

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